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What is the best VoIP phone service for business? Find the best VoIP Solution for your business from our reliable user VoIP reviews.

The 10 Best VoIP Service For Business

Small businesses need to exploit VoIP services because PSTN landline connections are fast becoming relics of the past. Landline setup costs are sometimes unusually high but business VoIP providers can provide the best-rated VoIP phone systems for medium business at relatively low costs.

The best-rated VoIP phone systems for medium businesses are cost-effective, easy, and fast to implement. Finding the best-rated VoIP service can be very time-consuming if customers don’t know what to look for. You can learn how to select the best VoIP providers for you.

Here are the 10 best-rated VoIP services for Business:

PanTerra is The Communications-Enabled Everything Cloud Provider, offering the only all-in-one, customizable, HIPAA/HITECH secure, communications cloud solution.


(96 Reviews)

Kumo specializes in cloud computing solutions that unify communications and simplifies technology by elevating businesses with the cloud.


(42 Reviews)

BCM One is an experienced and highly respected managed solution provider and advisor to IT leaders nationwide. BCM One’s niche is working with mid-sized, multi-site organizations.


(25 Reviews)

8×8, Inc. is a leading Software-as-a-Service provider of voice, video, chat, contact center and enterprise-class API solutions powered by one global cloud communications platform.


(98 Reviews)

Gotoconnect One Seamless, Reliable Platform For Voice and Video.

GoToConnect offers what your business needs to run completely virtually – from cloud-based business phones (VoIP), to video conferencing, text and chat.


(93 Reviews)

RingCentral Software company

RingCentral empowers today’s mobile and distributed workforces to be connected anywhere and on any device through voice, video, team messaging, collaboration, SMS, conferencing, online meetings, contact center, and fax.


(153 Reviews)

Vonage Telecommunications company

Vonage Business Communications is a unified communications platform with the ability to seamlessly connect employees via voice, messaging, and video virtually anywhere around the globe.


(31 Reviews)

Dialpad Software company

Dialpad is a cloud-based business phone system that turns conversations into opportunities and helps global teams make smarter calls–anywhere, anytime.


(53 Reviews)

3CX is a single unified communications platform solution

3CX is the developer of an open standards communications solution which innovates business connectivity and collaboration, and replaces proprietary PBXs.


(41 Reviews) 

Business VoIP Phone Service

Business VoIP is a service provided specifically for businesses, mostly small and medium-level companies. Small businesses with communication needs can comfortably rely on business VoIP phone services without having to invest heavily into infrastructure.

The problem that most businesses face when it comes to VoIP is choosing a reliable VoIP service provider. Signing a long-term contract with a poor service provider can be quite costly in the long run. Consequently, businesses must do proper research before settling on a specific VoIP service provider.

The many factors to look at range from the quality of calls provided to the customer care quality. Keep on reading to learn more about the best business VoIP providers.

Business Alternative to Conventional Landlines

The use of phone systems to manage multimedia sessions and voice communications is useful to small businesses when compared to conventional landlines or traditional phone systems. Business VoIP providers give companies internet phone services solutions that allow them to track usage and link team members with each other.

Every business has its internal and external communication objectives laid out so that organizational goals can be achieved in good time and business processes properly coordinated between teams. To meet these goals effectively is the primary aim of business VoIP providers.

Keep reading to find out who the business VoIP providers are and get to know some of the best-rated VoIP service providers.

What is Business VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. This is a phone network that uses the internet to make telephone calls without using regular landlines. A VoIP phone might easily pass for a traditional phone in appearance. A VoIP phone is connected through a router and internet connection to function.

When using VoIP, there is no need to purchase additional hardware systems like a PBX system. Hardware costs will be greatly decreased because VoIP does not require a desk phone to work. A software app for a smartphone and the best-rated VoIP phone system can be used to execute the call.

A VoIP service provider will provide servers that make the connection between VoIP phones possible. There are various categories of VoIP service providers such as residential voip providers, international VoIP long distance calls providers, VoIP number porting service providers, SIP trunking providersand many more.

Ucaas review VoIP protocol breakdown

The Benefits of Small Business VoIP Providers

VoIP phone systems for medium businesses are essential to keep companies in touch with their teams and customers in a professional manner. This is important for the conversion and retention of business.

The advantages of installing the best-rated VoIP service for small businesses are:

  • Cheaper telephone calls both locally and internationally
  • Video conferencing features for communication with staff and customers
  • The same number can be used anywhere to make calls
  • Easy to set up
  • Multiple calls can be made with one number
  • Overall call usage can be tracked

Business enterprises, both small and large can scale their operations and achieve better results with the use of VoIP technology.

Who is the Best VoIP Provider for Business?

VoIP reviews consider the following as important to provide quality to customers and businesses by lowering their operational costs significantly:

  • Hardware: The use of softphones and desk phones or a mix of the two.
  • Administration: Systems for use by the softphones should be easy to set up and take the shortest time.
  • Saas and UcaaS: Features like free VoIP software, conference calls, SMS and MMS, video conferencing are all integrated into one system. Advanced features and the number of calls handled.

The above modus operandi can help distinguish the best VoIP providers for business from the worst VoIP providers.

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Business VoIP Phone Systems

Business VoIP is a modern phone service provided over internet protocol. Contrary to PSTN landline phones, VOIP offers more features that are more useful and valuable to a business. Further, VoIP ensures that high-quality calls are provided to clients at a fraction of the cost of traditional landline phones.

The reason why most businesses are shifting to VoIP is that advanced levels such as business VoIP offer integration with modern business tools. With business VoIP, users can receive and send voice, video, and data communications through the internet. This makes it possible for video conferences, call scheduling, file sharing among others.

Who is the Best VoIP Provider for Business?

The question of which service provider is the best can be quite complex. In essence, the best-rated VoIP service providers are arguable. Further, new VoIP service providers pop up every day. Naming one as the best would be locking everyone into a single space.

This post will try to look at the best ways of identifying the best business VoIP service providers. By having criteria to follow when choosing a Business VoIP service provider, everyone is in a position to choose an option that serves their needs well. It’s important to remember that due to the variance of business needs, the features needed vary too.

How to Choose The Best Business VoIP Provider

Most businesses choose their Business VoIP provider based on the pricing. Unfortunately, basing the choice of VoIP on price alone can be very costly in the long term. After signing a long-term deal, the chances of getting a refund are very slim. If the low-cost VoIP provider turns out to be bogus, things can be ugly.

When choosing a VoIP service provider for business, it is a good idea to look at the needs of a business, versus the available communication solutions. Since VoIP is the best communication solution in the modern world, consider keenly the best VoIP phone system based on the needs and the solution it offers to the business.

Below are four step to determine the best VoIP phone system for business:​

Step 1: Determine the Internet Speed

The most important infrastructure when using VoIP in the office is an internet connection. Without proper bandwidth, installing VoIP for business may not be effective. The lowest recommended connection speed for Business VoIP is 5MBps.

Step 2: Come Up With a Budget for the Required Features

If the speed is not up to the required standards, the budget created must also consider the budget for boosting infrastructure. Most business VoIP providers do not offer more than the phone system. Other tools needed must be catered for by the business.

Step 3: Decide the Important Infrastructure to Purchase

The budget should serve as an eye-opener, helping the business determine the priority needs. If the important need is purchasing a phone, it should be catered for before other needs come to the table.

Step 4: Compare Features Offered By the Best VoIP Providers for Business

Many companies have established roots among VoIP service providers. To choose one from the top-rated ones, compare them on the basis of the features provided. The only way to determine the best is by reading online reviews. These few steps will play a big role in settling on the best VoIP for business. The most crucial step involves reading reviews. Reviews play a key role in helping VoIP users make a wise choice. All VoIP for business providers promise to offer quality service. However, only users can give true accounts of their features.

What to Look for in a Business VoIP Review?

While reviews play a key role in deciding the best service provider, they can also be widely misleading. Reading reviews alone is not enough. All reviews must be vetted to see whether they are genuine or fake. There are few red flags that can help detect fake reviews.

For instance, one company may have so many five-star reviews but also has so many one-star reviews. This is a clear indication that the five-star reviews have been bought. Look out for such red flags to avoid purchasing long-term VoIP for business from a bad service provider.

Here are some factors to look for when choosing a VoIP service provider:

Do not just look at the review rating but also consider the number of reviews. One company may have a 5-star rating after 10 thousand reviews while another might have a rating of 4.5 after one million reviews. The one with more reviews is probably better since it has been tried by many users.

The second criteria to look at is the number of stars. A VoIP service provider with many stars should be considered first. Even so, other factors such as the type of reviews and the number of ratings must also be given priority.

Reading the reviews will help get a clear picture of how the provider rates over time. In most cases, the service providers show their good side upfront but start showing the true colors down the line. When reading reviews, look at those who review after using the service for quite some time.

The other key factor to look at is individual rating. Depending on the rating provider, VoIP services are rated in five categories.

What are the primary factors of VoIP ratings?

primary factors of VoIP ratings- sound quality
Sound Quality
primary factors of VoIP ratings- reliability
primary factors of VoIP ratings- features
primary factors of VoIP ratings- customer service
Customer Service
primary factors of VoIP ratings- price

When reviewing the ratings, consider individual ratings for sound quality, reliability, key features, pricing, and customer features.

Percentage of Recommendations From Users

Most importantly, check whether the VoIP service provider has been recommended by other users. If those who have used the service think it is good, chances are that it may be good. But a service provider that has no recommendations must be avoided.

Key Benefits of using VoIP for your Business Phone Service

VoIP, just like UCaaS, benefits your business in many ways over the traditional landline calls. The fact that VoIP calls are made online ensures that the working environment is well-coordinated and organized.

Below are the key benefits and features of VoIP for business:

  • Flexible Working Environment:

    VoIP’s most popular and common feature for business is “find me/follow me”. This feature allows business owners and managers to have one virtual number that can be used anywhere they go. This way, business calls can be received while on a trip in the Bahamas without a problem.

  • Diverse Messaging Options:

    Most business VoIP service providers offer several messaging packages. There are packages that allow messaging free of charge while others offer professional mass messaging solutions for marketing agencies for easy working.

  • Numerous Numbers On Demand:

    VoIP for businesses offers business flexibility in the number of lines they wish to maintain. With the possibility of using numerous VoIP lines, businesses can expand their numbers or reduce them where necessary.

  • Auto Attendant:

    The other key benefit of virtual numbers is the auto attendant or virtual receptionist feature. This allows the system to receive calls and keep recordings even when there is no receptionist. Further, this allows redirecting calls to the necessary departments, negating the need for an attendant.

  • Business SMS

    Business messages should look and sound professional. This means that they should be sent to clients and colleagues through a business phone number. With VoIP, the system allows for such messages from your phone but are delivered as business messages.

Questions to Ask Potential VoIP service Provider

Asking questions is one way to push VoIP service providers to offer as much information as possible. If the service provider is making false promises, the questions may push the provider into making serious mistakes.

Below are some questions to ask potential VoIP service provider:

  • What are the main costs including recurrent ones?
  • Do you offer a money-back guarantee?
  • Do you port phone numbers?
  • What is the cost?
  • Do you have long-term contracts?
  • What is the cancelation fee?
  • What are the main calling features included?
  • Do you offer international calling?

These questions are important since they help the provider disclose all information. If the service provider has any hidden fees, they should be disclosed upfront to avoid getting into an expensive contract without knowing.



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