Business UCaaS Providers Reviews

Who are the best UCaaS Providers? The best UCaaS providers help save costs and increase adaptability. Review the top UCaaS vendors of 2023!

The 10 Best UCaaS Providers for Business 

UCaaS services are beneficial to any business. There are many factors that a business should consider when choosing a UCaaS service. Some of them include adaptability, if it is manageable, ease of use, among others. All these factors contribute to how effective a UCaaS service is and respected among their competitors.

Here are the 10 best-rated UCaaS providers for business:

PanTerra is The Communications-Enabled Everything Cloud Provider, offering the only all-in-one, customizable, HIPAA/HITECH secure, communications cloud solution.


(96 Reviews)

Kumo specializes in cloud computing solutions that unify communications and simplifies technology by elevating businesses with the cloud.


(42 Reviews)

BCM One is an experienced and highly respected managed solution provider and advisor to IT leaders nationwide. BCM One’s niche is working with mid-sized, multi-site organizations.


(25 Reviews)

8×8, Inc. is a leading Software-as-a-Service provider of voice, video, chat, contact center and enterprise-class API solutions powered by one global cloud communications platform.


(98 Reviews)

Gotoconnect One Seamless, Reliable Platform For Voice and Video.

GoToConnect offers what your business needs to run completely virtually – from cloud-based business phones (VoIP), to video conferencing, text and chat.


(93 Reviews)

RingCentral Software company

RingCentral empowers today’s mobile and distributed workforces to be connected anywhere and on any device through voice, video, team messaging, collaboration, SMS, conferencing, online meetings, contact center, and fax.


(153 Reviews)

Vonage Telecommunications company

Vonage Business Communications is a unified communications platform with the ability to seamlessly connect employees via voice, messaging, and video virtually anywhere around the globe.


(31 Reviews)

Dialpad Software company

Dialpad is a cloud-based business phone system that turns conversations into opportunities and helps global teams make smarter calls–anywhere, anytime.


(53 Reviews)

3CX is a single unified communications platform solution

3CX is the developer of an open standards communications solution which innovates business connectivity and collaboration, and replaces proprietary PBXs.


(41 Reviews) 

Expert Advice for Using a UCaaS Service Provider

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) offers unique and exceptional buying considerations compared to other alternatives. Given that there are many UCaaS providers, it is important to consider the essential features of each when shopping for one. The other factors to consider is the UC implementation process and deployment model provided.

There are three major types of UCaaS deployment models: hybrid-cloud, on-premises, and cloud-hosted. There have also been various forms of hosted UC that have been on the consumer market for quite some time. UCaaS only hit the market in recent years, and it emerged as an excellent option for business enterprises.

From a wider business perspective, the public cloud has proven to be an outstanding and dominant trend. Read further to understand what UCaaS is all about and how to shop for the services.

UCaaS vs. VOIP: What’s the Difference?

UCaaS and VoIP vary in different major ways. A VoIP phone service is typically a voice service provider, both outbound and inbound. On the other hand, UCaaS is typically analyzing the various business communications and installing them over Internet Protocol (IP).

Another major difference between them is that VoIP is a single-mode, while UCaaS is multi-modal: video conferencing, chatting, texting, video meetings, screen sharing, among others. The UCaaS solution makes it possible for companies to unify every business communication they have into a single streamlined platform.

It plays a crucial role in bringing together various services including instant messaging, VoIP, file sharing, video conferencing, and several collaboration tools. On the other hand, VoIP is just one of the tools companies use to save money over a wide range of standard telephone systems.

iT connects all the phones to the internet provider who then channels and delivers the calls.

What is a UCaaS Company?

This is a category of “cloud as a service” delivery mechanisms for various enterprise communications. With UCaaS, various unified communication services can be channeled from the cloud to a business from SMB. The UCaaS company infrastructure is operated, owned, and maintained by the provider.

Thanks to the cloud-based and flexible nature of UCaaS, many businesses can take advantage of it. With it, businesses can avoid the unnecessary expenses that are associated with using advanced communication strategies. This underlines the Importance of a UCaaS company.

To get the best out of this service, businesses have to tap into the latest technology on the market.

UCaaS Review Unified Communications Provider Reviews

Benefits of UCaaS Over VoIP

There are certain benefits that unified communications as a service has over VoIP. Given that UCaaS integrates many applications at the office, it should make the work easier and more efficient.

Key benefits of UCaaS over VoIP are as follows:

No Hardware Costs

Businesses don’t have to make hardware purchases related to UCaaS models. This gives them an edge over VoIP. UCaaS solutions enable advanced functionality without using any costly or expensive infrastructure. As much as leasing add-on costs or arrangements might be needed for mobile devices or other equipment, a leasing model makes it possible for businesses to quickly adapt to new technologies. This scales operations in an effective manner without having to worry about outdated features. Furthermore, businesses will save a good amount of money.

Integrates Apps and Tools

Another benefit of UCaaS is that they have integrated tools and apps. This feature helps businesses to align vital communication systems with basic operating system tasks. Thanks to UCaaS solutions, integrated communications are now included in most professional operational systems. There are many types of business apps that benefit from this integration, some of them include data storage and management, productivity, customer support, and Customer Relationship Management platforms. Voice integration with business apps is crucial for the success of any business. It helps enhance productivity and promote organizational efficiency.

Managed Security Updates

UCaaS offers cloud-based communication solutions that are much faster to update and easier to manage. Instead of always depending on manual security updates tied to hardware devices, businesses can benefit from tightly managed and automated security solutions. This can be acquired through various UCaaS providers that offer industry expertise, security certificates, and dedicated security resources to help ensure business continuity. It also helps mitigate various risks.

Online Access

One of the major benefits of UCaas communications is the ability to manage and align with online resources. The online nature of conferencing and messaging tools makes them accessible from wherever a user is located. This offers a wide range of productivity benefits that help enhance business operations. Working remotely is a great way for businesses to increase productivity. It also saves time and money.

Advanced functionality

UCaaS has advanced functionality over VoIP. It allows businesses to easily switch between various communication channels like messaging, text, and voice. These functions contribute to the success of a business. For example, messaging makes it easy for employees to communicate between themselves and the managers.

It Costs Less

This is a subscription-based service that involves users paying monthly. This avoids costly expenses because businesses don’t have to acquire costly equipment and install them. It also eliminates the need for spending money on various maintenance costs. As a result, businesses will save a good amount of money.

It Enhances Collaboration

UCaaS gives call agents the ability to be in constant communication with customers, co-workers, and managers. This helps them deliver a better customer experience. Furthermore, enhanced collaboration contributes to improved productivity. Many businesses have registered improved customer ratings thanks to UCaaS solutions.

Increased Flexibility

UCaaS is a very flexible option. It allows call agents more agility in the manner they handle customers. This helps improve customer service and experience. It also contributes to a sustainable business. By freeing up a number of call agents, UCaaS solutions help improve business efficiency.


UCaaS is a very scalable system. This means you can remove or add call agents depending on demand or seasonal workflows. If the demand is high, you can simply add more call agents. This ensures that every client is attended to quickly and effectively.

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Main Features of UCaaS

The reason why most businesses are turning to UCaaS is that this type of communication solution comes with plenty of benefits. It brings together various communication and workplace tools to help with the smooth running of the business.

Some of the main features of UCaaS include: 

ucaas review main features of Ucaas- Messaging


This is perhaps the most popular and important UCaaS feature. It allows businesses to streamline collaborations and improve workflows. This can be done through activities like sharing ideas in a group chat or sending a quick text to answer a question. When used correctly, messaging provides an opportunity for employees to collaborate and stay connected. Furthermore, messaging is a great platform for employees to reach out to customers. Unlike in the past, younger clients prefer instant messaging and text messaging to phone calls. Through UCaaS solutions, businesses get a way to organize and manage their messaging strategies. This enables them to offer better services to their clients. Through this technology, any device that has been integrated into a UCaaS system can give access to almost anything, from voicemail to social media chat, instant messages, and transcriptions. Keep in mind that over 70% of people use text messaging for business today.

Ucaas review video conferencing reviews

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has become a crucial part of executing business. Through a UCaaS solution, various businesses can now enjoy high video quality conferences. There is also the flexibility of various users participating in a conference no matter the device they are using. UCaaS solutions link various communication platforms to the cloud. The cloud ensures that various team members don’t have to be in one room when working on projects. Through the video conferencing feature of UCaaS, it is possible for users to host conversations, launch conversations, and even share files. Users are able to launch presentations from smartphones, desktops, or tablets. Video conferencing is extremely useful in situations where people are not allowed to speak face-to-face. Even though people won’t be physically meeting, the body language and facial expression aren’t lost in video conferences.

ucaas review main features of Ucaas- business app integration

Business App Integration

Through UCaaS solutions, users can integrate their favorite business apps with VoIP communications. The common features, in this case, are access to a customer’s order status, buying history, and call notes. The integration of these features makes it possible for customer service teams to analyze, understand, and resolve issues efficiently. UCaaS has features that allow integration of VoIP communications with business apps. Quick and efficient services are vital for any business! Through the business Integration feature of UCaaS, businesses can achieve this aspect. Being able to integrate different business apps is what makes UCaaS a vital service for any business.

ucaas review main features of Ucaas- call center

Call Center

UCaaS call center features can significantly help businesses improve customer interactions. Through this feature, sales teams can follow up on leads and convince potential clients to make purchases. This contributes to the growth of a business. Furthermore, the call center feature makes it easy for customers to call the business. It is easier for them to navigate to the person they want to talk to, guaranteeing an excellent brand experience. The customer-company communication can be greatly improved by UCaaS solutions. With improved communication, the relationship will also grow.

ucaas review Business VOIP provider reviews

Mobile VoIP

This is one of the greatest and most unique UCaaS features. Its mobile capabilities make it possible for workers to take calls without being at their desks. Employees can be able to do other duties while keeping tabs on customer calls. This not only helps increase productivity but also effectiveness.

Will UCaaS Solutions Save My Business Money?

Yes, UCaaS can save your business money. Here is how: First, it reduces costs. Switching from older communications equipment to UCaaS can save on costs significantly. The unified communications service provider hosts equipment at their facility, providing convenient access to its services through the cloud.

This saves money because businesses won’t have to purchase large pieces of hardware needed to host various services at their facility. Another way UCaaS can save money is through advanced functionality. This service allows users to interact with others through new channels. As a result, their communication is enhanced through unique and innovative ways.

Other ways that UCaaS solutions will save business money include:

  • Phone Bill Reduction

    Businesses are only charged a single flat connection fee. This is as opposed to tallying their total call costs in a month. The single fee charged serves both long-distance and local unlimited calling. It also includes voicemails.

  • The built-in Advanced Features

    A business can save money through UCaaS solutions by not spending money on advanced features. This is because these features come with UCaaS solutions. Some of the advanced features include group chats, caller ID, video conferencing, and all the relevant features a business needs.

  • Reduced Upfront Costs

    With UCaaS solutions, there are reduced upfront costs. A business doesn’t have to spend money on upfront hardware. This is because UCaaS provides a cloud-based system that a business can use. All they have to do is connect a system of IP phones to their preexisting internet connection. This can save a business a lot of money.

  • Reduced Dependency on IT Staff

    UCaaS solutions can handle different types of technology. This means businesses don’t have to depend on IT staff to handle their systems. Everything can be controlled by only clicking various commands.

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What Types of Businesses can Use UCaaS Solutions

UCaaS solutions can be applied in many types of businesses. Service businesses, for example, will need UCaaS solutions to enhance their services. These are mostly the type of businesses that provide intangible products. Through UCaaS, they can offer better customer care services.

Manufacturing businesses can also use UCaaS solutions. The various processes involved in manufacturing can be enhanced through these solutions. Other types of businesses like those in merchandise can also benefit immensely.

what are the key features to look fore in a ucaas provider Key Factors to Consider when Choosing UCaaS Service Provider

There are various factors one needs to consider when choosing a UCaaS service provider. First, it is important to ensure that the solution they are providing is adaptable. With time, business and technology evolve and this will need adaptive UCaaS solutions. Businesses will require a solution that ensures a smooth transition to the cloud.

Therefore, when choosing a UCaaS service provider, businesses should consider one that offers both hybrid and cloud solutions. This helps create a conducive environment for operations. Secondly, it is important to compare the features of UCaaS providers. Find out the various features these providers have and compare them.

Some of the other factors to consider when choosing UCaaS Service provider are:

  • Secure Data Center

    Compared to other cloud solutions, a UCaaS service provider has reliable technology infrastructure with strong physical protections. They should also have tested disaster recovery procedures and redundant power. Furthermore, the highest levels of reliability and security should be backed up by legal certifications.

  • Communication Protection/Encryption

    It is important to ensure that UCaaS data is encrypted not only in storage but also while in transit. Businesses must also find out whether there are any industry regulations that must be considered when it comes to protecting data levels.

  • Data Encryption

    This is another vital factor to consider. All data that goes through a provider’s network needs to be encrypted in transit while at rest. In addition, voice traffic must be encrypted to avoid any form of hacking or security breach. This helps secure the safety of a business.

  • Strong Network Security

    This is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a UCaaS service provider. They should combine a dynamic UC solution with a secure and stable data connection. This ensures that a business is running smoothly.

It is also important to make sure that the system is manageable. As much as managed service providers can install a UCaaS solution, it is vital to ensure that the system is easily manageable.

Getting to know the levels of technical knowledge needed to operate the system is a factor one should consider. Pricing can also contribute to the type of provider you choose.

Red Flags to Lookout for When Choosing UCaaS Services

There are certain factors that can make UCaaS services suspicious. When negotiating with a UCaaS provider and they don’t want to disclose essential information about the system, it should be a red flag. Pricing is also another factor to watch out for.

There is a standard price for UCaaS services, therefore, one shouldn’t quote extremely low or extremely high prices. Such ridiculous price quotes should be a red flag.

How Much Does UCaaS Services Cost?

UCaaS services cost between $360-$480 per user in a year. This also includes the license cost per month and related deployment support. Keep in mind that there could be additional costs like renting endpoints.



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