PanTerra Networks’ Surge in Qualified Leads Through UCaaSReview

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Review sites serve as social proof. Prospective customers are more likely to trust and engage with a brand that others endorse. By maintaining a solid presence on review sites and actively engaging with reviewers, brands can leverage these benefits to enhance lead generation efforts and overall business growth.

PanTerra Networks, a leader in Unified Cloud Communication solutions, faced significant lead generation and conversion challenges due to low-quality leads and high costs from traditional review sites like Gartner.

That’s when they partnered with UCaaSReview, the hub for businesses, tech experts, and analysts seeking cutting-edge UCaaS solutions, service comparisons, and industry insights. Additionally, UCaaSReview provides lead-generation programs that focus on creating sales-qualified leads for UCaaS, Contact Center, and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) providers.

This strategic move resulted in a notable 30% increase in revenue from third-party leads within the first quarter, demonstrating a substantial positive impact on their bottom line. Shawn Boehme, Director of Inside Sales at PanTerra Networks, highlighted the immediate return on investment: “That first quarter, we received 300 more leads than we had on any other website because UCaaSReview created both an inbound and outbound campaign to generate interest in PanTerra Networks.”

The Challenges

1. Low Conversion Rates

PanTerra Networks faced disappointing conversion rates with leads acquired from platforms like Gartner and Wheelhouse. Many leads only engaged with the cold callers to get them off the phone, causing frustration and inefficiency in the sales process.

2. Ineffective Lead Qualification

Before PanTerra partnered with UCaaSReview, many of their leads were neither genuinely interested nor adequately informed about their offerings, resulting in unproductive sales interactions and extensive sales cycles.

The Solutions

1. Improved Conversion Rates

Using the Lead generation programs from UCaaSReview, PanTerra could filter through the noise of unqualified leads and connect with those ready to engage with sales representatives. UCaaSReview’s system greatly expedited PanTerra Networks’ sales cycle by converting leads from discovery calls to closure in less than 30 days.

2. Boost In Well-informed and Interested Leads

By leveraging UCaaSReview’s AI-driven platform, UCaaS providers can connect with highly qualified leads who are well-informed and genuinely interested in their services. This advanced system enhances conversion rates and streamlines sales processes, as the platform efficiently educates potential customers beforehand.

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In the customer’s words

PanTerra Networks selected UCaaSReview as a strategic partner to enhance lead generation and streamline its sales cycle. The platform’s sophisticated AI algorithms provided highly qualified leads, and the positive reviews could be effectively leveraged in marketing materials.

Shawn Boehme expressed high satisfaction with UCaaSReview, particularly its effective lead-generation capabilities. He contrasted this with his experiences on other platforms, where leads often converted poorly. “Many leads would tell us they said yes to the cold caller just to get them off the phone,” Shawn explained, highlighting his frustration.

UCaaSReview’s AI-driven system provided a stark improvement. “The unbiased AI algorithm rankings and the leads being qualified and wanting to speak to a salesperson” were standout features for PanTerra. This shift led to a significant enhancement in lead quality and conversion rates.

Additionally, the platform shortened its sales cycle, with turnaround times from discovery call to closure typically under 30 days, making UCaaSReview the preferred choice over competitors.

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