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Exploring 8x8: Elevating Global Business Communications

8x8 offers a cloud-based unified communications platform (UCaaS) for businesses of all sizes. The platform includes features such as:Unlimited international calling to over 14 countries, Video and audio conferencing for up to 500 participants, Integrations with popular platforms like Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, HubSpot, and Slack. The 8x8 UCaaS Platform allows for Messaging and chat room tools. Catering to businesses of various sizes, 8x8 offers a feature-rich platform, the platform supports unique functionalities like streaming meetings through YouTube, ensuring businesses can maintain effective and expansive communication channels, regardless of location.

Self-Description: Key Features




Proprietary Voice calling, enables clear and reliable audio


Proprietary Video Conferencing has a limit of participants


Proprietary Chat - IM and Team Chat service


E-Fax built into the UC App


Entry Level Promotional Prices - Keep an eye on future invoices

Rating 4.3 (704 reviews)

Call quality


Business Messaging


Video Conferencing




Pros and Cons: Based on User Reviews


Unlimited Calling:
Offers unlimited calling to over 14 countries, reducing long-distance charges for certain calls.

Quick Call Initiation::
Includes the "Highlight to Dial" feature for easy call setup.

Video and Audio Conferencing:
Supports video and audio conferencing for up to 500 participants.

Rich Integrations:
Integrates with various business platforms for streamlined workflows.

Collaboration Tools:
Provides chat rooms and messaging functionalities for team communication.

Meeting Streaming:
Enables streaming of meetings (private or public) on YouTube.


Learning Curve:
The initial setup process presents a moderate learning curve, particularly before effectively using the 8x8 Work app.

Enterprise Focus:
Tends to cater more to enterprise-level companies, potentially overlooking the specific needs of smaller businesses.

Script Creation Complexity:
Users have noted that creating scripts within the platform can be somewhat confusing and unintuitive.

Call Transfer Limitations:
There are difficulties in transferring calls from the Contact Center to non-CC users, with calls often dropping once the transferring user disconnects.

Supervisor Call Monitoring:
The process for supervisors to monitor calls could be streamlined for easier use and better efficiency.

What UCaaS Review’s Algorithm Says is 8x8’s Winning Edge:

8x8 offers a cloud-based unified communications platform (UCaaS) with features designed to improve business communication. These features include international calling plans, video and audio conferencing capabilities, and integrations with various business tools. The platform also includes features like 'Highlight to Dial' for call initiation and YouTube meeting streaming. 8x8 may be a suitable option for businesses looking for a UCaaS solution that can improve collaboration and communication efficiency.

Suggested Demo Discussion Points:

In evaluating 8x8, Look for a demonstration of how you can easily add, remove, and manage user accounts, assign permissions, and configure user settings. Ensure the demo highlights data encryption, access controls, and other security measures to protect your company's communication. See how the unlimited calling plans work, including call quality, supported countries, and any limitations.Given the highlighted cons, it's also crucial to inquire about script creation, the specifics of call transfer functionalities between Contact Center and non-CC users, and how supervisor monitoring can be streamlined. Understanding these aspects will ensure a comprehensive view of how 8x8 aligns with your business communication needs.