8x8 Launches AI-Powered Solution to Enhance Electoral Engagement for Local Councils

Symbolic image representing 8x8's AI-powered solution for electoral engagement in local councils.


8×8 has recently introduced a solution aimed at shifting the way local councils manage elections and engage with voters. This article delves into the details of 8×8’s new offering and explores its potential impact on business operations within the public sector.

The Launch of 8×8 Ballot It!

On May 30, 2024, 8×8, Inc. announced the launch of 8×8 Ballot It!, an AI-powered self-service solution designed to empower UK citizens with up-to-date election information and enhance voter turnout. This solution integrates seamlessly with existing contact centers and websites, providing a voice and digital chat service tailored to the needs of public sector organizations.

Addressing Electoral Challenges

Elections, whether local or national, place significant demands on councils, requiring them to handle a surge in inquiries and manage complex logistical tasks. Darren Davies, IT User Support Manager and Technology Adoption Manager at London Borough of Harrow Council, highlighted the pressures faced during election periods and welcomed any technology that alleviates these challenges. 8×8 Ballot It! aims to do just that by providing real-time access to relevant election information, thereby easing the workload of local government staff and volunteers.

Boosting Voter Engagement

Jamie Snaddon, EMEA Managing Director at 8×8, Inc., emphasized the importance of leveraging technology to support local government efforts in encouraging voter participation. With declining voter turnout in recent elections, particularly in parts of England, Ballot It! is positioned as a vital tool to ensure citizens have the necessary resources to make informed voting decisions. By offering 24/7 access to accurate election information, the solution aims to empower citizens and enhance their engagement in the democratic process.

Key Benefits of 8×8 Ballot It!

The introduction of 8×8 Ballot It! brings several notable benefits to local councils and voters alike:

  • Empowered Citizens: Voters gain 24/7 access to accurate and up-to-date information about upcoming elections, helping them manage their voting preferences and make informed choices.
  • Streamlined Resources: The solution provides a single access point for publicly available election information, simplifying the process for both voters and council staff.
  • Instant Self-Service: By utilizing voice and digital channels, Ballot It! delivers customized information, including links to local projects and candidate details, directly to voters.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Automated messaging reduces the workload on contact centers and staff, directing citizens to relevant online resources and freeing up valuable time for other critical tasks.

Supporting Local Government Needs

8×8’s commitment to understanding and addressing the pain points of the local government sector is evident through its collaboration with well-known councils such as City of Westminster Council, Liverpool City Council, Sefton Council, and London Borough of Hounslow. By delivering solutions like Ballot It!, 8×8 reinforces its position as a leader in the UCaaS industry, providing tailored services that meet the unique requirements of public sector organizations.


The launch of 8×8 Ballot It! marks a significant step forward in leveraging AI-powered solutions to enhance electoral engagement and streamline local government operations. For businesses and organizations within the UCaaS and VoIP industry, staying informed about such advancements is crucial for adapting to the changing technological landscape. As 8×8 continues to innovate, the public sector stands to benefit from improved efficiency, increased voter participation, and a more streamlined approach to managing elections.

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