MCM Telecom and RingCentral Unveil Innovative Push-to-Talk Solution for Symphony

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MCM Telecom and RingCentral Partnership

MCM Telecom, a prominent telecommunications provider in Latin America, has partnered with RingCentral, an AI-powered cloud communications leader, to introduce a cutting-edge Push-to-Talk (PTT) solution for Symphony. This new communication tool is tailored specifically for frontline workers, enhancing their ability to communicate efficiently and effectively in various industries.

Revolutionizing Frontline Communication

The Push-to-Talk for Symphony integrates the simplicity of traditional walkie-talkies with advanced telephony features, transforming Android and iOS devices into robust communication tools. This innovation supports AI-enabled video, messaging, and file sharing, significantly improving how frontline workers interact with their organizations.

Julio Palacios, Director of Innovation and Alliances at MCM Telecom, highlights that this solution ensures MCM Telecom remains at the forefront of technological innovation, helping businesses meet the increasing demands for hyperconnectivity and efficient communications.

Versatility Across Industries

This solution is adaptable to multiple sectors, including healthcare, commerce, manufacturing, and logistics. It enables healthcare workers to swiftly communicate with hospitals during emergencies, allows retail employees to check product availability in real-time, and supports factory workers in addressing mechanical issues or safety incidents promptly.

Key Benefits for Businesses

  • Enhanced ROI: By consolidating communication tools into one device, businesses can reduce costs and simplify their communication infrastructure. The solution supports BYOD (bring your own device) programs, further optimizing operational expenses.
  • Next-Generation Walkie-Talkie: The PTT solution offers advanced features such as instant video conferencing through “see what I see” technology, AI-based live transcriptions, and noise reduction, enhancing the clarity and effectiveness of communications.
  • Seamless Integration: Frontline workers can securely connect with back-office teams, facilitating better collaboration through team messaging and file sharing capabilities.

Sandra Krief, Senior Vice President of Service Providers for the Americas at RingCentral, emphasizes the commitment to improving communication experiences across industries, aiming to boost productivity and business outcomes.

About MCM Telecom and RingCentral

MCM Telecom is a leading Mexican company with a strong telecommunications network in Latin America, focusing on providing high-tech solutions to enhance business productivity. RingCentral, renowned for its AI-powered cloud communications and contact center solutions, empowers businesses with advanced conversational intelligence, improving interactions and business insights.


The collaboration between MCM Telecom and RingCentral marks a significant advancement in communication solutions for frontline workers. The Push-to-Talk for Symphony streamlines operations and bridges the communication gap between frontline employees and their organizations, ultimately driving efficiency and productivity.

For businesses interested in staying ahead with the latest VoIP and UCaaS innovations, the Push-to-Talk for Symphony offers a promising solution to meet the growing demands of modern communication needs.

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