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Exploring Dialpad: Enhancing Communication Flexibility for Modern Businesses

Dialpad is a Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) provider offering features like phone calls, video meetings, and messaging in a single platform. It caters to businesses by providing functionalities such as call transcriptions, sales coaching with AI, and real-time analytics, potentially improving efficiency and informing choices. Dialpad allows users to connect from various devices and offers unlimited domestic calling, promoting business adaptability. The service targets businesses of all sizes, aiming to simplify communication and support collaboration.

Self-Description: Key Features




Started as - Standard Voice calling, enables clear and reliable audio


Conference Calling and Video built in house, limited participants


Proprietary Chat - IM and Team Chat service


Virtual Fax - is an add-on


Pricing with AI is expensive

Rating 4.6 (264 reviews)

Call quality


Business Messaging


Video Conferencing




Pros and Cons: Based on User Reviews


24/5 Webchat Support:
Dialpad offers webchat support available 24/5 to address user inquiries and problems.

The platform provides a variety of features such as video conferencing, call transcription (powered by AI), and visual voicemail, addressing diverse communication needs.

Flexible Communication:
Dialpad functions across various devices, allowing users to communicate from any location.

Unlimited Domestic Calling:
Businesses can make unlimited domestic calls, potentially reducing communication costs and facilitating outreach and internal communication.


Support Limitations:
Some users state that Dialpad's support has limited tiers with no clear definition of priority levels for issues.

Confusing Interface:
Some users find the interface, especially during setup, to be complex and not as intuitive.

Missing Feature Sets:
While Dialpad boasts a rich feature set, some users report a lack of functionality they find important, like the inability to schedule text messages.

Google-Related Login Issues:
Users have experienced difficulties with Google logins, indicating some technical issues that could disrupt user access and efficiency.

What UCaaS Review’s Algorithm Says Is Dialpad’s Winning Edge:

Dialpad promotes themselves as a Unified Communications platform with cutting edge technology like sentiment analysis and AI. While these are buzzwords that Wall Street cares about, most Dialpad users do not use this technology. Dialpad customer reviews discuss support through web chat 24/5. The platform provides a variety of features including video conferencing and AI-powered call transcriptions. Dialpad functions across various devices and offers unlimited domestic calling. These features could potentially benefit businesses seeking to improve communication and collaboration.

Suggested Demo Discussion Points:

When considering Dialpad for your communication needs, we recommend engaging in a comprehensive demo to fully understand its capabilities. We suggest that you look at the Business Phone Features that you will actually use, versus the common excitement around technology with AI and Sentiment Analysis. Inquire about the flexibility and ease of use across different devices, and test the customer support responsiveness to gauge the reliability of their service. Additionally, discuss any specific integration needs your business may have to ensure Dialpad can accommodate your technology ecosystem. Ask to see the type of reports and analytics that Dialpad can offer. This hands-on approach will help you make an informed decision about whether Dialpad is the right communication solution for your business.