Exploring Nextiva: Streamlining Communication for Businesses

Nextiva prides itself on being more than just a cloud phone system provider; it's a comprehensive communication solution tailored for small businesses. With a focus on Business Phones, Social Media and Customer Relationship Manager, Nextiva aims to elevate small businesses to be more efficient. From unlimited domestic calls to localized and toll-free numbers, Nextiva offers a modern PBX with expected features designed to make a business run smoothly. Additionally, with the convenience of a mobile app, Nextiva ensures that communication remains flexible and accessible regardless of location.

Key Offerings:




Broadsoft VoIP calling, enables clear and reliable audio


Cisco Video Conferencing in App (One to one video)


Nextiva One - IM and Team Chat service


Single Fax with separate user name and password for login


Basic CRM included with the Nextiva Phone Service


Entry Level Prices - Keep an eye on future invoices

Rating 4.6 (3172 reviews)

Call quality


Business Messaging


Video Conferencing




Pros and Cons: Based on User Reviews


Unlimited Calling:
Nextiva's provision of unlimited calling within the United States and Canada offers businesses the freedom to communicate without constraints.

Local number included:
With Nextiva, businesses can obtain local numbers included with the seat pricing and, enhancing accessibility for customers.

Unlimited Video Calls:
Nextiva's unlimited video call feature facilitates seamless virtual meetings, fostering collaboration and engagement.

Internet Faxing:
The inclusion of unlimited internet faxing simplifies document transmission and enhances workflow efficiency.

VoIP Hardware Availability:
Nextiva's offering of VoIP hardware for sale or lease ensures businesses have access to reliable communication tools tailored to their needs.


Some users express dissatisfaction with overseas customer support.

Potentially less accommodating for multi-site, mid market and enterprise businesses.

Limitations in the Enterprise plan and absence of advanced AI technology.

Lack of an integration marketplace may hinder seamless interoperability with other tools.

What UCaaS Review’s Algorithm says is Nextiva’s Winning Edge:

Nextiva is known for great customer service. They help out in many ways, making sure talking to customers goes smoothly with their smart tech. They offer unlimited calls, video chats, and the option to fax over the internet, which are big helps for any business looking to keep things running smoothly. Plus, Nextiva keeps up with new tech, showing they're serious about giving businesses the tools they need to communicate better. This makes them a reliable choice for companies wanting to improve how they talk to customers and each other.

Suggested Demo Discussion Points:

While Nextiva offers a plethora of features, we suggest that you never skip the demo with any UCaaS provider. Ultimately, a successful UCaaS platform demo should be informative and tailored to your specific needs. Ask for a live demo of the Nextiva softphone for both desktop and mobile. You may want to call into the Nextiva Support queue to see how quickly they pick up and where they are answering the calls from. Ask about the call push features and see if you can switch from device to device. Make sure that all features that are displayed on the software can be used from the physical device. If you require an integration to a third party software, have them provide a proof of concept, so that you know exactly how the integrations work.