Exploring Ooma: Enhancing Business Communications with Ease

Ooma Office positions itself as a business phone system that is easy to set up and use. Ooma does not require contracts and caters to small and medium-sized businesses by offering features like call blocking, call routing, and virtual receptionist capabilities. These features can help businesses improve communication efficiency. Ooma Office also offers basic e-fax functionality. Ooma Office also offers a POTS replacement device and service.

Self-Description: Key Features




Small Office Voice calling, enables clear and reliable audio


Video Conferencing with Upgraded Licenses


Chat - IM and Team Chat service


Virtual Fax Available


Standard Industry Pricing

Rating 3.5 (46 reviews)

Call quality


Business Messaging


Video Conferencing


File Sharing


Pros and Cons: Based on User Reviews


Simple and Straightforward Setup:
Customer reviews suggest that Ooma Office is easy to set up, with some users reporting successful installation within minutes of receiving the device.

Call Blocking Feature:
Ooma Office offers a call blocking feature that is rated favorably by users. This feature helps to reduce interruptions caused by robocalls and spam calls.

Basic Features:
Ooma Office includes features such as call routing, virtual assistant, and virtual receptionist. These functionalities are often cited by users as being helpful for managing communication workflows.


Phone Module Issues:
A subset of users report frequent reboots and disconnections with the phone module, which can interrupt calls and hamper communication.

Slow Call Log Updates:
There have been complaints about sluggish updates to call logs, which can delay access to vital call information.

Cumbersome E-fax Option:
The e-fax feature has been critiqued for its lack of user-friendliness, making it a less appealing option within the Ooma Office suite.

What UCaaS Review’s Algorithm says is Ooma’s Winning Edge:

Ooma Office is a business communication system (UCaaS) that emphasizes user-friendliness. Customer reviews often highlight the ease of setup. Ooma offers a call blocking feature that is well-regarded for reducing interruptions from robocalls and spam calls. The platform includes features like call routing and auto attendant, which some users find helpful for managing communication workflows. However, some users have reported challenges with phone modules and the e-fax functionality. Overall, Ooma Office is considered a user-friendly option with features that can improve communication efficiency, but it may not be suitable for large businesses requiring more advanced functionalities.

Suggested Demo Discussion Points:

Given Ooma Office's reported strengths in ease of use and call blocking, along with user mentions of occasional challenges with phone modules and e-fax functionality, a demo can be helpful in understanding if Ooma meets your needs. During the demo, consider focusing on experiencing the setup process, testing the call blocking features, and evaluating how call routing, auto attendant, and what they claim is a “virtual receptionist”. Additionally, investigate the reliability of the phone modules and the ease of use of the e-fax interface. A comprehensive demo can help you determine how well Ooma Office integrates with your existing workflows and communication requirements.