Exploring RingCentral: Elevating Communication Across Platforms"

RingCentral, a publicly traded company, is a provider of cloud-based communications and collaboration solutions for businesses. The platform supports diverse work environments, including remote, hybrid, and on-premises companies. RingCentral offers voice, video, team messaging, and customer engagement features on a single platform. Businesses are provided with a business or toll-free number, and the service is designed for easy setup and operation across multiple devices. RingCentral integrates with various tools and services to support workflow efficiency.

Key Offerings:




Standard VoIP quality, enables clear and reliable audio


Switched from Zoom Video to RC Video, Basic Video Conferencing


Glip was purchased by RingCentral and Powers the RC Chat Solution.


RingCentral started as a Virtual Fax Service. Call, SMS and Fax on One Phone Number


SOC-2 Compliant and HiTRUST


High Prices - in 2024 RingCentral has started to charge for Onboarding Services

Rating 3.9 (550 reviews)

Call quality


Business Messaging


Video Conferencing


Pros and Cons: Based on User Reviews


Setup and Management:
RingCentral offers a user-friendly setup and management process, potentially benefiting businesses in terms of ease of use.

Business or Toll-Free Number:
RingCentral provides a business or toll-free number with its service, which can contribute to a professional business image.

Device Compatibility:
RingCentral functions across desktops, tablets, and smartphones, offering a consistent communication experience across various devices.

Integration Options:
RingCentral integrates with a variety of tools and services, potentially simplifying workflow management.

International Dialing Plans Available:
RingCentral caters to international organizations that may require unlimited calling outside of the US and Canada.


Limited Functionality:
Several features, such as internet faxing, are locked behind additional paid upgrades, forcing users to pay more for essential functionalities.

Subpar Customer Support:
Users report frustrations with customer support, indicating a lack of adequate assistance when needed.

Falls Short of Competitors:
RingCentral Videos/Meetings is perceived to lack the feature set and functionality offered by competing platforms in the market.

What UCaaS Review’s Algorithm says is RingCentral’s Winning Edge:

RingCentral offers a communication system that works for various business setups, like remote workers or flexible office environments. They allow you to use their system on your phone, computer, or tablet, which is important for today's mobile workforce. RingCentral also integrates with many other programs you might already use, making things more convenient. Overall, RingCentral seems like a good option for businesses that want to improve communication, especially for companies with remote or international teams. Additionally, they offer international dialing at local rates in many developed countries.

Suggested Demo Discussion Points:

When considering RingCentral, it’s crucial to experience the platform firsthand through a demo. Ensure that the demo showcases how RingCentral operates seamlessly across different devices and explore the range of integrations available. Inquire about the specifics of transitioning to higher-tier plans for access to additional features. Engage with the customer support during the demo to gauge their responsiveness and helpfulness. Lastly, compare the functionality of RingCentral Meetings with other tools you might be using or considering, to ensure it meets your business’s communication needs comprehensively. Ask for pricing for international calls to make sure to eliminate potential unforeseen usage costs.