Enterprise UCaaS: What 2020 Taught Us About Enterprise Mobility

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No one ever thought that 2020 would be the year when working in offices would be rendered virtually useless. The dawn of COVID-19 caught most companies off guard, including the leading tech companies. With more people being forced to work remotely, companies started realizing the need for remote working.

In 2020, it became apparent that the future was moving towards humanity. Many companies had to improvise and make it possible for employees to work remotely. Those that did not have the infrastructure, had to either invest heavily or be thrown out of business. This makes 2020 a year of lessons for all UCaaS users.

Enterprise UCaaS has been at the center of transformation from office work to remote work. Keep on reading to get a gist of what 2020 taught us about enterprise UCaaS.

Cloud Communications Are Not an Option But a Necessity

The biggest lesson of 2020 is that cloud-based communications solutions are not an option. Any business that wishes to keep pace with the modern world must be ready to invest in cloud-based communication. Companies that use legacy PBX systems suffered serious limitations during the pandemic.

On the contrary, companies that use UCaaS had a smooth time transitioning from an office-based work environment to a remote working environment. When people were forced to work from home, UCaaS made it possible for teams to coordinate. This makes it possible for all members to remain connected and keep working.

The Flexibility of UCaaS is Critical

The term flexibility in terms of UCaaS communications is often underestimated. Few people conceptualize how far-reaching the effects of a flexible communication system can be. With UCaaS users have diverse flexibilities in what they want and what they do not. A company is not compelled to pay for expensive services that they do not need.

This flexibility provides the best option for small businesses that do not have a budget for mega features. The pandemic taught small firms that they can pick the features that optimize productivity and alleviate the ones that are not vital in the running of the business.

Integrations Are Vital to Productivity

UCaaS is the epitome of integration. Literally referred to as Unified Communications, UCaaS has shown that they can be relied upon in all sectors for diverse communication purposes. UCaaS communication is unified in two main ways. First, it allows employees to work remotely.

Secondly, UCaaS allows the combination of various office tools and apps. With UCaaS, tools such as email, calendar, video, whiteboards, and others are used together to deliver a smooth working experience. And lastly, the combination of all these features also enhances customer experience and smooth communication with clients.

Cloud-Based Communications are Vital

After all is done and dusted, the big lesson is that cloud-based communications are vital. UCaaS provides a chance for even the smallest companies to enjoy the advanced features provided by cloud-based communication solutions. The beauty of it all is that UCaaS is less costly than traditional communication solutions.