The 11 Best Virtual Event Software Platforms 2023

Virtual event software is basically an online platform that allows customers to host and attend events in an entire virtual setting, eliminating the need to be physically present. Although people have been using these platforms for a long time, they got more attention during and after the Covid-19 pandemic.

This caused most people not to go anywhere outside of their homes, virtual events offered the perfect opportunities to still be able to stay connected with the world. Like in-person experiences, a virtual event is hosted over the internet and every detail of the event is shared with the people via web conferencing software.

Since virtual events very much rely on web conferencing software, it’s ideal to choose the best platform. Let’s keep reading and discuss some of the best software platforms for virtual events in 2023 to help you pick the best one


What are Virtual Event Software Platforms?

The best UCaaS providers offer a virtual event software platform or a tool that helps you recreate the exact vibe of in-person conferences or a trade expo event using an internet connection. Users must be able to host different speakers in both pre-recorded and live-streamed sessions using this software.

A virtual event or web conferencing software is a lot different than virtual meeting software like GoToMeeting or Zoom where the interface is designed only for small groups to stay connected even if they’re miles apart. However, it often provides limited features and permissions that set virtual event software apart.


Top 11 Virtual Event Software Platforms in 2023


UCaaS web conferencing software provides administrators with a range of different ways to engage with attendees. This includes polls, waiting rooms, live chat, Q&A, and many more. Virtual software has evolved over the years and today it’s just as good as being in the same room.

Many people like how they can attend a meeting from a different location and not have to go through the hassle of getting there on time and fighting traffic along the way. Business owners and CEOs love the convenience of being able to do the same if they cannot attend and communicate simultaneously with several different people.

Here are the 11 best virtual event software platforms for 2023:


  1. BigMarker

BigMarker is one of the best UCaaS web conferencing or virtual event platforms known for its popular integrations and easy-to-use features. The notable features include embedded surveys, audience handouts, email marketing, live and interactive video, social media streaming, and many more.


  1. GoToWebinar

According to the best UCaaS providers, GoToWebinar is a popular virtual event software that allows users to plan and promote as well as host an entirely engaging digital gathering at an extremely affordable price range. This is one of the more well-known software platforms and many people use it daily.


  1. HeySummit

One of the ideal virtual event software for all tech-averse professionals. HeySummit is super easy to use and it’s renowned for notable features like detailed event analytics, self-service dashboards for speakers, and live and prerecording sessions for the virtual event. Many large corporations like using this software due to its flexibility.


  1. Airmeet

Airmeet is another web conferencing software committed to offering virtual events that create long-lasting impressions on the audience and brings positive results for businesses. If used correctly, it can create a stellar experience for the audience at an extremely user-friendly rate.


  1. Vfairs

Another leading virtual events platform is Vfairs which provides users with a range of inclusive features suitable for trade shows, employee onboarding, conferences, and virtual training. Vfairs also includes easy-to-use software tools that can help you stay organized and coordinate large meetings.


  1. Hopin

Hopin is also one of the popular web conferencing software for hosting different kinds of virtual events. This platform supports different engagement and networking features like chats, polls, Q&A, etc. In addition, you can utilize their virtual avenues like receptions, stages, and expo areas for a more enhanced experience.


  1. Cvent

According to the best UCaaS providers, Cvent stands out from any other virtual event software available in the market due to offering a comprehensive set of features to help users to handle everything of a virtual event from planning to organizing everything. It also comes with an easy interface and software tools to enhance your experience.


  1. InEvent

InEvent is another powerful virtual event software that supports NFC technology, dynamic landing pages as well as a virtual lobby. Organizers who are looking forward to hosting multiple virtual, in-person, or hybrid events can easily opt for InEvent for the best solution. Most users report that this software is fun to use and easy to learn.


  1. ClickWebinar

This event software has a lot of powerful built-in features to organize a successful virtual event. The note-worthy features of ClickWebinar include multiple language support, screen sharing, customization option, and more. You can have a small meeting or a large one with this virtual event software package, and it falls under an affordable price.


  1. SpotMe

SpotMe is one of the most engaging event software packages available today that allows users to create on-demand as well as live events. The features include personalized agendas, breakout sessions, two-way communication, and many more. SpotMe is a great virtual event software that offers many features and extra gadgets.


  1. EzTalks Meetings

EzTalks Meetings is a virtual event platform that offers excellent video and audio quality to create an engaging virtual event for attendees. Several attractive features make the platform unique and ideal for businesses. From large-scale company meetings to small group collaborations, EzTalks Meetings is a great choice for many.

Above are the top 11 virtual event software packages available today in 2023. However, it’s important to ensure you get it from the best VoIP service providers in the industry to avoid facing any hassle in the future.


How to Get the Best UCaaS Providers?


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